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Sunday, October 30, 2011

All the stuff I couldn't fit in my profile intro...

Darn those character limits!  Hate them.  So glad that facebook did away with them, because.. seriously.. they cramp my style.

This is what the profile descriptions character limit wouldn't let me post:

I'm 40 something (but, in my head I'm about 22). I'm also a mom of three kids.  Rachel is 20, Michael is 18, and David is 14.. ooops.. 15. My husband is Jim.  He's my best friend. That sounds like a cliche, I know.. but, he literally WAS my best friend before we decided we were in love. He was my cheer leader when I was a single mom playing the dating game, and my love life was in the commode. We've been married 4 years now. This is the story of our life, our love, and our quest to become smaller. Jim is a punk rock musician (guitar) and I was a high school music major who loves almost all music, but Country is my favorite. Our family is something of a cross between The Osbourne's meet The Cleaver's.'s the thing.  Jim has always been a big guy.  6'2 and about 280. I don't see him as fat but, I'm a student nurse and I know he's over weight.  I was always very small and petite (except for when I was pregnant of course).  5'3 and about a size 6.. that is until we decided we were in love. Now, I weigh well over 200 and I'm not diggen it... at ALL!  Jim is set for lap band surgery on November 17. Since he does all of the cooking (because.. hey.. I'm a student).. and, he's big, Polish and thinks the main course of any meal should be potatoes or pasta.. I am hoping that once he has surgery, and is forced to change his eating habits, mine will change too and I can lose it without having the surgery.

THAT'S what this blog is about.  Well, that, and God and uhm... Coffee (which I don't love as much as God; but I love it a LOT) Yeah. I take the long way around anything. I hope you enjoy this blog.  Pay attention, keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and fasten your seat belts.  Here We GO!