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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh yeah

.. I forgot to mention that there was a shooting in my daughter's aparment building last night.  Not quite sure how I forgot to post that.  I'm still pretty unnerved by it.

She wasn't home, thank goodness.  The building has four apartments in it and only two of them are occupied.  My daughter and her roommate live on the bottom floor, and her boyfriend and his roommate live in the apartment above.  None of them were involved, so we're not sure why the shooting took place there.  As I said before, Rachel was out.  Her boyfriend and their roommates were all in the upstairs apartment, when the shooting took place.  Rachel came home and none of the guys were allowed to come downstairs and she was not allowed to go in, so she went over to my mom's and hung out until she was allowed to go home.