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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So... Welcome

Hey!  I just discovered I have a follower who I'm not married to!
YAY!  I have a friend.. :)

I'm going to warn you that I am, probably, not going to be the most consistent blogger on the planet.  In addition to my family, I am a full time nursing student and all I ever do is study.  Unfortunately, it is nearly 5 in the afternoon and my desk is right up against a window that faces southwest.  The blinds on this window are broken, so... I am, literally sitting here typing with sunglasses on and a headache that, I swear, is going to kill me.  I don't dare look at a math problem right now.  So, "why?:" you may ask, "are you sitting at that same desk typing? "  Good question.  I am extremely hard headed,.  I don't like being told what to do.. even if it's killing me (yes.. the sun is trying to boss me around, right now, and I'm not taking it!!)

and.. also..

I have my eyes closed.

I type like a monster.. and, I don't have to look.. so, I'm sitting here, with my eyes closed.. sunglasses on (to block any imagined glare, of course).. and, typing away.

I know, I'm slightly nuts.  I wish I could finish nursing school like this (eyes closed, sunglasses on).. but, I don't think that will work.  

Anyway, happy Tuesday folks!  I'm going to quit daring the sun to just go ahead and kill me, and take an Advil (or.. 20).  No, really.. I have to take my son to work.    


  1. If the sun can't tell you what to do what chance do i have... but if i do tell you what to do and you listen does that make me more powerful than the sun... I AM ZEUS!!! MGUSTA!!!

  2. uhm? When was the last time you, successfully, told me what to do?